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A website is like a shop front and should present a company's profile in a similar manner. For some visitors the website will be their first contact with the company, and therefore it is important for the company to clearly signal who they are, right away. The website is a natural extension of the business.

User-friendliness is crucial. Not just to the visitors experience of the website but to the experience of the company as a whole. Intuitive and consistent navigation guides the visitor effortlessly through the experience of the website. Without boring the visitor, the functionalities of the website are presented in a straight forward manner, and the visitors are invited to get what they came for.
The focus must be on the fact that the visitor came voluntarily, to have specific needs met. The objective of the website is to facilitate meeting these needs, and make available the services or products of the company, without being dominating.

In a similar way, the back-office management system (CMS) of the website should be intuitive and inviting to use. It should reflect the structure of the website, and be a visual tool that non-experienced users are be able to use to update the company website's content with minimal instruction.

To this, we are committed.
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