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The development of a complete website can be divided into three parts. Whether it is a simple web based call-card or a large website, the process is the same.
Only the proportions vary.

We create websites that fit your needs.

Contact us and lets have a talk about what you want and how we can help you.
The design of a website is more than a visual expression. It has to communicate your business. We develop the design based on your specifications and a series of uncovering questions. We are committed to user-friendly design, that keep what they promise. Meaning, design that are intuitive to navigate, and that present the content in an easily accessible and visually becoming way.

Functionality covers the website infrastucture and it's applications. Meaning the website content and the way you access it. In collaboration with you we will find the solutions that best fit your wants and needs, and develop the nessecary components. For example language conversions, a news module or an image gallery. The essence is to make your products and services accessible in a simple way.

The management system of a website is known as a CMS. Whether the objective of your website is to make your business more accessible or the website is your business, modifying content should be easy. We create CMSs that set you free to think about content. Whether you are adding a series of products to a product catalogue or adding a new employee to an online booking system - it has to be simple. We have specialized in easily understandable CMSs that reflect the design of the public website, so that working with it is intuitive and inviting.
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